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Summer session 2023

Summer session registration is here!

Join us for a collaborative summer camp experience! Each week session has limited space and is first come first serve for registration.

 *June 26th-30th (10Yr Anniversary Kickoff)

July 10th-14th(SOLD OUT),

July 24th-28th, August 7th-11th, August 14th-18th


Performing Arts Camp

Dance Performance

Focus: Dance. Theater & Vocal training

Age: 8+

All Levels
No Pre-requisites required
The best performers are those that have experience in all areas of the stage.  This week of training brings the elements of movement, character building and music not only for education but for FUN! 

Cost $199

Focus: Modeling, Styling, Show production, merchandising 

Age: 8+

All levels no pre-requisites required

5 days to play with limitless amounts of clothes, accessories and take photos?!? Well that sums it up but there are a few extra things. Students can expect to learn how the fashion world works. How are fashion shows produced, what does the job of a stylist entail, what techniques do models need to know to be successful.

Cost: $199

Fashion Industry Study

Young Fashion Models

Social Media, Film & Photography

Film Set

Age 10+

All Levels No pre-requisites

In a world where social media rules this camp will help students explore all the ways they can use media for both hobby and future profession.

Cost: $199

Program FAQ

Q: What if my child wants to participate in multiple camp focuses?

A: While we tell students to choose 1 focus we remind them that camp is a collaborative experience.  All focuses will work together on completing projects through out the week. Example: Media/Film will collaborate with fashion students on photo shoots.

Q: What if my child cannot attend the full day?

A: Your child can attend as much of the day as they want. If your child needs to leave early let our admin team know and we will inform the BFDC staff of your pick up time.

Q: What does my child need to bring with them?

A: Your child will need to come with their daily lunch prepared and a refillable water bottle. We have a water filter accessible.

Q: Is there a drop-off early/late pick up pass I may purchase?

A: We have an early drop off/late pick up advance pass available for $75/week or $20 per day. It allows for drop off as early as 7:30 am  and late pick up as late as 6:30 pm daily.

Sample Schedule 

8:30-9am Drop Off

9-10:15 Session 1

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:45 Session 2

12p-1p Lunch

1-2:15 Session 3

2:15-2:30 Break

2:30-3:45 Session 4

3:45-4p Break

4-5p Day wrap up, clean, Prep for next day projects

5-5:30 Student dismissal and pick up

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