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Adaptive Dance

Aid Another is committed to bringing the joy and benefits of dance and music to students with disabilities. The special needs dance program and special needs music class are designed for individuals with mental, physical and/or developmental impairments. The goal of these programs is to enrich the lives of children through the exploration of music, movement and dance concepts in a safe, supportive and structured environment. Children are encouraged to find their artistic expression and love of the arts. Each class allows children to increase pragmatic skills, spatial awareness, gross motor skills, patience, teamwork and cooperation. Children also learn choreography, increase creativity and build socialization among students and teachers. Aid Another has partnered with Baila Fuzion Dance & Creative Arts Center to offer dance classes that allow for an intimate learning experience.

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Every Thursday

Next session May 11th-June 15th 2023 

Series Registration(6 weeks) $25

Location: BFDC campus

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