Couples Enrichment

Couples Date night in w/ BFDC

Let's get creative with our loves during this very challenging time of social distancing.

Our Date night in includes:

*1-1hr Virtual Private Dance Lesson of your choice in:

-Salsa -Kizomba -Bachata -ChaCha -Waltz

*10% off your to-go pick up orders at partnering restaurants. 

COST: 40.00 +tax

*once payment is received you'll be emailed to book a lesson time at the email you provide during check out.

Looking to organize a virtual group lesson? contact us below.

To inquire about how you can bring this program to your next event, Host an event at BFDC and more information on how it can be customized to meet your event needs fill out the form below!

We can host multiple couples in their own homes on a combined group lesson to adhere to social distancing guidelines. This is prefect for churches and organizations.

We believe dance is an amazing portal to learn your mate, to unlock deep communication, and improve the rhythm in your relationship! How do we know..because it has worked for us!

Session 1: "Lead vs Follow" Your personal walk with your spouse!

-Session 1 introduces couples to their roles as a leader and a follower. The components of what makes a great leader and a great follow. Couples will learn the basics in their dance style of choice then demonstrate skills in fun exercises to build foundation with their partner.

Session 2: Body Movement: "Becoming one with your spouse"

-Session 2 picks up from where session 1 left off! Couples will learn to apply their basics with fluidity and style. Leaders will focus on "framework" out of the box exercises to apply when dancing that unlock the ability to move like one! Follows will focus on interpreting the leaders "requests" seamlessly. As a couple we can operate together in life, seamlessly and with excellence!

Session 3: Lead vs Follow PT 2:  "Fun explorations of trust aka Tricks!" 

-Session 3 picks up from where session 2 left off! Couples will build on their basics and their fluidity with one another in addition to adding "wild card" moves provided by MB! In life as we add the more trust that is required and that's exactly what this session will focus on! 

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