Baila Fuzion Dance & Creative Arts Center

2548 Virginia Beach Blvd #106

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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Welcome to BFDC's Youth Dept!

Our facility offers plenty of classes for all ages across many genres.  

Spring Schedule


5:15-6p Special Needs Cheer &                        Tumble (more info

6p-8p    BFDC Cheer Ages 5 & Up

6-7:30p ON SET: Fashion Career &

               Industry Study More info 


5:15p Special Needs Dance(more info)

6-7p Hip Hop Int/Adv (Baila TEK)

6-7p Drama Club Youth Acting(more info)

8-9p Krump


5:45 Mini Ballet/Jazz

5:45p Beginner Jazz

6-7:30p Youth Sewing & Design

6:45p Beginner Ballet(.5) 

8-9p Waacking 101


4-5p Mini Hip Hop

5-6p Girls Hip Hop

5-6p Boys Hip Hop

6-7p Lil House


9:30-10:30a Ballet/Tap Pre-K

10:30-11:30a Mini Ballet/Tap

11:30-12:30 Jazz I/II Competition rehearsal

11:30-12:30p Mini Jazz Competition rehearsal

12:30-1:30p Hip Hop I/II Competition rehearsal

12:30-1:30p Mini Hip Hop Competition rehearsal