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                                    Born in Jacksonville, Florida, but                                              emerging from the heart of                                                        Chesapeake, Virginia, Nathan Croslin                                      curates pieces that could be displayed                                      on the grandest of scales.                                                           Founder of Midnight Media, Nathan is a self-taught photographer and creative                      director. He is the regional marketing director for Marco’s Pizza, a marketing coordinator for ECSC which is the longest running surf competition in the world, and also a newly appointed Chesapeake Fine Arts commissioner. Nathan has worked with companies ranging from Sony to Something In The Water’s imprint “VAFORTHEPEOPLE”. He’s currently working on his first art publication “The Peak” which upon completion will benefit underprivileged families located in the Chesapeake area.

                           Born in Austin Texas though calling                                     Virginia Beach Virginia home, Marquita                             Bianca(MB) owns Baila Fuzion Dance                                 and Creative Arts Center                                                         ( One of the city’s                                     most diverse centers focused on                developing creatives age 4 and up through dance, theater, fashion, vocal training, entrepreneurship and more. Marquita Bianca having found dance at the age of 21 believes anyone can make their dreams come true through passion and discipline. BFDC has had the honor and pleasure of serving our city through programs such as Dancing with The Seniors, a program MB taught for 11 years pre-pandemic in partnership with the Sandler Center as well as inclusive dance and creative programs serving families with special needs children alongside their community partner Through these partnerships and facility programming, Baila Fuzion continues their mission of making the arts available, accessible and affordable to everyone.