Participation Levels/descriptions:


Training Student: Students enrolled in classes to train in various techniques and participate in studio activities such as Christmas showcase and Spring Showcase. No minimum or maximum credit required.

Competitive Student: students whom wish to train, participate in dance studio events, showcases and  compete in BFDC’s competition season. Minimum of 2 dance credits required. 1 credit mandatory class training and 1 group class rehearsal.

Company Member: students whom have successfully auditioned and demonstrate the willingness to commit to not only competition and performance season but also each teams individual activities of performances and community service. 

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Youth Dance Programs at BFDC



Tuition by credit hour (paid monthly)

1=$40          3=$99          5=$160    

2=$70          4=$125         6& Up=$199


$20 Annual Reg  fee per household    

Open/Walk-in Classes $15

Workshops $20

BFDC finds joy in guiding our young artists through their dance year not only teaching them dance steps but what it truly means to be an artist through respect, empathy,

 support of the community and others.

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